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Samajic Products S.L.U.

Samajic Products S.L.U.

Samajic Products S.L.U.

Welcome to our oficial web site.

Our profession is packed with brilliant passionate people to create sales tools for live promotion, online shops and retail solutions worldwide.

The Original Magic Pens Promotion has been established at the Canary Islands since 1994.

We do professional live promotions at shopping centers, bazars, markets and hotels.

You are welcome to our Magic Promotion Team !

Since 2013 we also selling The Origianal Magic Candles at the Canary Islands via Live Promotion.

Our sales places are locatet at the markets, bazares, shopping malls and Hotels.The

Original Magic Candles are MADE IN GERMANY and we distribute wholesellers all over the world.

Since 2017 we are the sole distributer of Happyplast for Spain.

Also its sold at the Canary Islands via Live Promotion.

Our Clients are Farmacys and retail stores.

The Original Happyplast are MADE IN GERMANY

Wonderbrush Universal Datenblatt Deutsch

Wonderbrush Flexus Data Sheet English

Wonderbrush Flexus Datenblatt Deutsch

Wonderbrush Flexus ficha de datosEspañol